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I think everyone knows how annoying it is to always set the cookie settings before entering a website. I think that this step should be made faster by the browser.

In general, we have 3-5 possible cookie settings if I am not mistaken:

- Only allow the "always active/technical" cookies

- Allow all Cookies

- Manually select each and every cookie

- Absolutely block everything

Now before entering any website the website has to check those settings and will get sued if they don't respect those user settings.

The Website can tell the browser that the website still needs certain cookies, or that the website isn't free without them, but the point is: The UI controlling the Cookie-Settings is provided by the browser.

You can be inspired by Android a bit, although it is a bit different:

If an App needs a certain access to e.g. the location of a user, then android blocks that access till the user permits it. And the User will always permit it with the UIs of the Android OS.

I think I speak for many people that are truly annoyed with the current cookie settings system and I think that the browser has a huge potential to improve that user experience. And I dont think it is that difficult to do.

Although it could be a bit difficult if the manual selection of cookies also can be configured with rights, for e.g if you want to say that one Cookie has access to email and name but not the mobile number etc. However currently they are usually switched on and off, and that would already be a huge win. Adding more control regarding rights could be a feature later on to be added on top. 

> I am a Webdeveloper. If you need further details or wireframes to better understand the proposal, I would be happy to help.

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