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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Please add that feature to Firefox PC Privacy & Security settings. (something like a i-dont-care-about-cookies extension)
It is impossible to work without nerves, when at every site at first you need to close these messages.

Status changed to: New idea
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This is in development: Cookie Banner Handling.

Strollin' around

@AnonymousThank you so much. Will wait for release as soon as possible.

Strollin' around

If this feature is added, it should be an option that is not enabled by default, but could be enabled in settings. It should also have a setting to automatically allow or disallow optional cookies. Furthermore, it would be nice if you could customize which cookies were allowed or not.

New member

Every website now has a time wasting cookies message.

Whilst cookies can be disabled in Firefox and other browsers the result is email messages such as 'you have used a new device' as cookies are not stored which contain that information.

Google is extremely invasive and despite cookies being rejected send location data assembled from their invasive data gathering.

Their 'personalised' and other advertising is partially blocked.

It would be very helpful to have Firefox made automatically and simply cookieproof and stop websites collecting personal data.