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Clicking on a link opens only a blank window in Firefox

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I'm on an iMac, latest os update, latest firefox update. Now when I click on a link in an email, firefox opens a blank window. Just one window. Clicking on the link a second time opens another window with the proper opened link. This is similar to the old bug where clicking on a link opened two windows, one blank and the other with the opened link. And, of course, the window on top was alway the blank one. This latest bug seems to be related to that. At least before the last "Congratulations! You're using the latest..." update ,two tabs would open and one of them would have the opened link. Now I have to go back and click on link a second time to open it. Annoying to say the least.


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Same here! Newest versions of macOS and Firefox...

New problem (1-click link, 2-click to close homepage, 3-click link again)

is worse than old problem (1-click link, 2-click to close homepage)

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Same thing with windows, going to end up dumping their browser can going with Brave

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I could not agree more, how difficult is it to resolve? (Honestly, I don't know, I'm not a programmer). I still would prefer FF due to cookie management. I have posted this in related discussions:

if you are on Mac and use Timemachine, you are in luck: you can restore FF to an earlier version, for me 115.0.2 (as this was before I went on holidays, end of July). You lose your profile and bookmarks, but that's easily restored by synchronising with your FF account (if you have one) or from another browser, apart from some settings and managed cookies. When you fire up FF first time after restoration, do it without any internet connection and then untick the automated update, that lets you keep the older version. At least until those hiccups are resolved...

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Same here - Firefox v. 117.0 on iMac with Catalina v. 10.15.7

All external links not launching in Firefox - takes another click.

This also happened a couple of yeas ago - exactlys same thing and was corrected with another Firefox update.

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I have the same issue for the last (two?) Firefox versions .. with both standard Firefox and Firefox developer edition. It is very annoying

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I have the same problem. Just installed firefox today, this is a bit of a bummer!