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I want something to be changed so that when I look up a word, any word, the DEFINITION of the word comes up first and primary instead of a movie or tv show of the same name. There is literally millions of movies and tv shows and 9 times out of 10 when I look up a word some obscure tv show from the 1970s shows up and then I have actually type you know "atonement definition" because if I just type "atonement" I get a Romance/War movie called Atonement from 2007. I believe the definition should be primary then they can add "movie" or "tv show" to find it.

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Try typing define atonement instead of just the word.   Search providers have for some time offered special terms to get definitions of words (Define),  translations (translate) and mathematical conversions (Convert).  My examples are taken from google, but bing offers similar except for translate it expects the statement to include a from and a to language.