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Status: New idea

I sometimes miss push notifications, so I would like to see a history of what and when I have received notifications in the sidebar, like the action bar in Windows.

Making moves

I too hate how I miss notifications and had to use a CSS to make the notifications always last.... and then am annoyed how they last forever and I have to click to close each manually. 😄

On a related note, this would work to address the main Idea here if I could have the notifications spawn in a different monitor. Then, all the notifications would "pile" up on that monitor.

I reported this as a bug here if anyone would like to vote for it:

Ultimately though a "notification center" button would be ideal, complete with a "Dismiss All" button.

New member

firefox notification disappear extremely quickly and are never seen again... so what's even the point?

there should be  a history and a notifications alert for ones you have missed.

Obviously it should be integrated with the windows notifications. Not implementing it just because linux doesn't have them is silly.

Imagine if on mobile firefox didn't integrate with the built in notifications and instead just showed a weird custom popup for 5 seconds each time (as long as you have the browser already open). That wouldn't make sense. Just like how the current desktop notifications dont make any sense.