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Making moves
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Can we have the opportunity to add a wallpaper in the new tab view? Like chrome or edge, that you can upload a picture and use it as a background in the new tab.

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Homepage Background

Firefox is lagging way behind Chrome and Edge in having the option that Chrome and Edge has in a simple easy option of using a image you have from your computer files as your firefox homepage background.You would think my now in 2023 firefox would have the option of a easy option as other browsers do.. Without having to do a long workaround which I have done.. But I shouldn't of had to and I'm sure there are a whole lot of firefox users that would like to but may not have the skill or knowledge to do a long workaround.. It's a inconvenience to do it and it shouldn't have to be if y'all would keep up with the other browsers. And I think with all your freaking updates that maybe just maybe firefox finally woke up and smelled the coffee and finally did it.. But nope nope nope.. A big disappointment firefox is.

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 I just joined and made a comment about an option to put photo's from your computer as firefox background.. There is a work around it's kinda of a hassle but it's possible..I did it to my firefox homepage.. But they should make it easy as Chrome and Edge has it.. This is my firefox homepage.
My firefox homepage background


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Bring back the screenshot option it was really helpful at some specific point most i use to be on YouTube and Instagram where i use this feature by add ons but those are not that easy to use as yours was.

add an option for adding wallpapers on homepage or by itself by internet to make this monzilla more attractive and a VPN feature too as Opera browser have for safe browsing



Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for the suggestions, @SuperSaiyan!

The option for adding wallpapers is currently being explored by our product team - hoping to share updates soon.

And for your other requests, you should already be able to use the screenshot feature. Here is more info:

We also offer a Mozilla VPN - check it out here:

Hope this helps!

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add background image to firefox home page

Agregar imagen de fondo para pagina de inicio de Firefox

Making moves

I do not want to set the wallpaper every time. Firefox (on desktop and mobile) should get the wallpapers from in each new tab.

Strollin' around

It's 2023, come on guys... We need to have the feature of changing the homepage wallpaper. Expecting this feature soon!

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Add a background image option so that we can customize and set the background images in the new tab view on both mobile Firefox and desktop, for example in Edge and Chrome we can upload an image and use it as background in the tab.

Strollin' around

Wallpaper For PC Verson Of Firefox

Please add wallpaper feature for PC version of Firefox, like Brave and Opera browser. 

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There's no excuse for firefox not have the option that most other browsers have.. Other browsers have had it for a long tine it's not like some new technology that just came on the scene.. You would think that firefox wouldn't want and allow their competitor's to have some option that they don't offer too.. That's just commonsense something apparently firefox is in short supply of.. Causes the only reasoning is that the higher echelon of firefox is making some bad decisions due to they don't care or incompetence.. Something so easily could be done isn't done and it's not like they haven't heard enough firefox users not complain about it..