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Would be nice to be able to use image upscaling on video players, as an optional feature you could toggle for any individual video player.

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It is available now in FF 116 beta 2

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wtf. no Netflix?!... Make that it run's!

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Why is this so unstable? After 116 initially came out it mostly worked, though sometimes it stopped after switching tabs and required a browser restart to work again. Since today it stopped working on most videos, only some on youtube get upscaled, and nothing on twitch or other sites, and I can't understand why. Is there some other config toggle I'm missing that might have to do with video output?

Edge still works fine btw so it's not my driver configuration...

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I guess 116 is still beta so not sure when it will be stable. They have time until 1st August.

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After all the harsh criticism for not having RTX VSR fast enough, it became really silent. I just wanted to point out a huge thanks that it is now finally there and works well after all these months.

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Well it is not working perfectly for me, it enables itself after full-screening youtube video and it moves vide to the left side by few pixels which moves fullscreen button in bottom right to the left, together with whole video which has black bar on one side. Strange behaviour but better than nothing.

Although this effect works bad overall. However it is nvidia fault, not mozilla.

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Was working in v117 - albeit sensitive; it would work on a restart then randomly stop somewhere but was usable with restarting browser.

Now using v118 it no longer working at all with any video platform.

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Same problem. On 117 it worked ONLY on (I use invidious so it was useless to me) and on 118 it stopped working entirely.

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I would very much appreciate support for the RTX Video Super Resolution! Firefox is my only browser and I was very excited to find this feature, only to further find it's not currently supported! It seems like it's at varying stages, so hopefully it is coming along well!


Thank you!

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@minyanismdo you have gfx.webrender.super-resolution.nvidia set to TRUE in about:config?

Because for me on win 10 with rtx3070 and latest 546.33 drivers it is working fine.

Effect is very subtle. Even on highest (4) setting it is barely noticeable (look at city in the middle and towers/wall edges).



ON (4):


However I noticed that GPU is sweating hard after enabling this option to 4. When I make 1080p60fps video full screen my GPU goes as high as 67C while with this option disabled it stays at 45C (when I stop video it drops down to 41-43C).

I noticed that when in full screen my GPU usage goes up to 80% while in normal player it stays at around 15-20%:


After setting nvidia sharpening to 2 it goes up to 35%:


But sharpening is not as good:


So to sum it all up: both firefox and nvidia settings do work in my case. Level of quality in fact works and heavily determines workload being given to GPU. In my opinion it is not worth the fuss anyway as effect is very subtle and wastes lot of electricity making gpu work hard. If you want it badly I suggest you use level 2 or 3 for best balance between sharpening and power consumption.