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Status: Exploring more

Would be nice to be able to use image upscaling on video players, as an optional feature you could toggle for any individual video player.

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New member

Opera introduces that feature, they call it Lucid Mode.

Why does Opera have something like this and Firefox does not?

Strollin' around

Now that Nvidia has introduced the RTX Video Super Resolution and it will be avaible soon on Chrome and Edge will be nice if Firefox can support it as well.

New member

Especially with Chrome and Edge releasing support for RTX Super Resolution, this feels like a missed feature in Firefox.

New member

This is a must have feature that needs to be added ASAP

New member

Agreed this should be prioritized. It released today and it alone is going to make me switch back to using Edge Dev (alongside Bing AI, too.)

New member

Is it even possible to support RTX Video Super Resolution? It looks like the functionality for it was added by the NVIDIA firmware - so there may have been some monetary deal between Google, Microsoft and NVIDIA to implement this feature.

New member

would be really nice to get nvidia vsr support!

New member

Count me in for Nvidia Video Sooper Resolution, too!

New member

Another +1 from me for Nvidia VSR.
With a slower connection, this is an absolute game changer and should absolutely be prioritized.