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Status: New idea

I use one FF window for social media, another FF window for ebay/amazon/retailers, another window for news, another for weather/sea-state forecasts, another FF window for webmail clients, etc. It would be *really* useful if the pop-up in my menu bar (when I hover over a window icon) could have a user-editable name for the window. "Social", "Shopping", "eMail", etc.

I.e.: could we manually enter the window-name in the title-bar for each FF window?

OS: Kunbuntu 22.04, pretty much bog-standard using the default task manager.

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Allow users to personalize window titles

The container tabs feature is quite useful, but when there are too many tabs in one window, it becomes messy and overcrowded, even though the tab labels are different. Not to mention, the choices are limited to only four: personal, work, banking, and shopping. Instead of using labels for tabs, I believe it would be more efficient to differentiate certain topics into different windows, which could be done by allowing users to rename the windows titles.

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