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Status: New idea

I use one FF window for social media, another FF window for ebay/amazon/retailers, another window for news, another for weather/sea-state forecasts, another FF window for webmail clients, etc. It would be *really* useful if the pop-up in my menu bar (when I hover over a window icon) could have a user-editable name for the window. "Social", "Shopping", "eMail", etc.

I.e.: could we manually enter the window-name in the title-bar for each FF window?

OS: Kunbuntu 22.04, pretty much bog-standard using the default task manager.

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Community Manager

There's a similar idea here for the ability to name windows:

User-Defined Name for Each Firefox Window on my Desktop 

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To add to this, there should be an option to move a tab between named windows. This would be a boost to productivity. For work, I will have email/chat in one window and work in another. When open docs, I quite often need things side-by-side so need to move tabs around. To keep track with large projects, it's so easy in Chrome to right-click a tab and send it to the correct window.Screenshot from Chrome.png

In Firefox, this is difficult has the options are limited to Move to the endMove to start or Move to new window

So the ask is

1. Add the ability to name a window by right-clicking the top of the window and adding a name.
2. Add an option when right-clicking a tab to send it to a named window.

Familiar face

Thanks @Jon perhaps this one can be closed off then

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I would love to see these feature implemented. In my opinion the secondary feature being requested in this thread (ability to easily move tabs between named windows) should be moved to a separate feature request and linked with this one as a dependency (if possible).

This would bring feature parity between Firefox and Chromium derived browsers. In Chromium based browsers this is possible and built-in to the browser: " Hamburger Menu > More tools > Name Window".

I would like to use this as a productivity feature, to be able to set simplified window names. My use-case it to have separate windows for various web applications, such as: Slack, Outlook, Jira, etc.

The "Window Titler" Firefox Extension has been brought up as addressing the need for this feature. This extension does not address my use-case. It adds a window name prefix in square brackets, e.g.: "[My Custom Name]", however after the brackets, the window still is named per the tab name. I do not want any of the "auto naming" to be present in the window name.

As it stands, I find myself using Chromium-based browsers more than I wish to, due to the lack of this feature. I otherwise love Firefox and want to use it more. Thank you!

Making moves

I've thought further about this, and have a more generalised tab-based (rather than window-based) suggestion:

  • Have the option to tag any FF tab with one alphanumeric tag. For example the tag "SOCIAL".
  • As soon as a tab is tagged, it moves automatically from its current window, to a window which itself is labelled "SOCIAL". (If that FF window doesn't already exist, it is created.)

This would save manually organising tabs by category. Instead, simply tagging the tab does the work. And - as often happens - if a tab is opened in a random window (by, say, a link in a webpage, a PDF, or an email) then it can quickly be re-tagged and sent to the correct window.

It is also worth noting that there's already an extension "Window Titler" which offers basic FF window-naming. Perhaps a modest modification to this would be the way forwards?

Strollin' around

Can I add a bounty to this? I want this feature so much I'd definitely make a donation if it gets implemented... I keep losing the window with my email because I typically have a lot of projects open at once, and the window name keeps changing depending on the active tab.

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A section above the open tabs you can name, for that session - for multiple FF windows open

I have like 4-6 sessions/windows of FF open. One is all Youtube tabs, one might be shopping related for fishing tabs, one might be shopping related for vacuums etc etc.

It would be cool if there was a banner or something up the top of each session you could rename (i have tabs bar and menu bar showing, so easy for me to have on the same level as the menu. Rename one session banner to "Youtube".

Then when you click the FF logo on the task bar (win10), and you get the window preview of the sessions, it would also show the name you renamed it to. So like:

"Youtube - the weeknd...."

 "ShopVAC - ebay..."

Showing the name you put and then the tab you're on in that session.


Making moves

Named windows

Currently I have 3 windows open with 68, 109 and 27 tabs respectively.  This is heavy on the memory and processing power of the PC.  I would like to have a greater number of smaller windows, and only open the windows that I need at any specific time.  To do this I would need to be able to name a window when I close it, and a means to open only the window(s) that I want, when I want them.  Firefox has for a long time saved the contents of ALL windows when I choose EXIT, rather than CLOSE, and then opens ALL windows when I restart.  It would seem to be a simple task to allow me to name these windows upon closure, and to choose which ones I want to open the next time.  This would greatly improve my PC's memory and CPU use, improve system stability overall, and greatly help me to organize my browsing sessions according to the selected tasks at hand.

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rename open windows

I ask you if possible to integrate this feature, to be able to rename windows instead of showing only the name of the last opened tab.
I have multiple windows open by genre: window with tabs for social and mail, one with photo contest tabs, window with book tabs, and so on.
I often find myself having to "open/pull" over multiple windows because I can't find the one I'm looking for because I don't recognize the page from the text.

by renaming the window by genre of interest the search remains more immediate for all those like me who work with multiple windows open and "sent down/hidden" and if necessary "pulled up/reopened"

Community Manager
Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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I use about:firefoxview-next to manage my tabs. It would be great to be able to name the Windows instead of getting generic Window 1, Window 2, ...

Making moves

I would love to see this implemented!

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I very much would like to see this implemented. The point of making separate windows is to organize tabs by topic and to be able to quickly jump between multiple windows. Having windows named and the ability to quickly send groups of tabs to existing or new windows makes it far easier to multi-task over time.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Strollin' around

For years I've been using the Window Titler extension to name my windows by project and it's become an indispensable part of my organizational flow. HOWEVER, for security purposes, it would be great to have this as a native Firefox feature rather than an unmonitored add-on.