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At the moment Thunderbird does not use native vCard 4.0 elements to define address lists, and so they can not be synced via CardDAV and do not export correctly to a file that can be interpreted as a list by other clients.

Using the member attribute (and KIND:group) would solve this problem (if the server also does vCard 4)

See vCard RFC:

And also:

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I confirm. To insert a vCard, I downloaded my csv file from Thunderbird, modified it by opening it with notepad (under Ubuntu) and insert it as an attachment in my messages. It couldn't be simpler. //

Je confirme. Pour insérer une vCard, j'ai téléchargé ma fiche csv depuis Thunderbird, je l'ai modifiée en l'ouvrant avec bloc-note (sous Ubuntu) et je l'insère comme pièce jointe dans mes messages. Comme solution, on peut trouver plus simple.