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Status: In review

I use my bookmarks toolbar as a quick access for a lot of my links - on the left, i have the websites i browse every day, and then i have a bunch of folders in which i have all the other websites, organized by category (news, social networks, etc.).
While it's possible to give whatever name to the folders (including emojis), I wondered if it was possible to replace the folder icon by a customizable emoji - this would allow to put the newspaper emoji for the news folder, for example. It would also allow to only have an emoji (and no text nor folder icon) in order to gain space on the bookmarks toolbar.
I'm joining a picture of my current setup (on top), and what a setup with emoji replacing the folder icons would look like.

Emojis as Folder icons.png

Making moves

It'll also make it easier to distinct bookmark folders with no name, which is good for compact setups!

Strollin' around

Same here. Please make it happen, Mozilla!

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I was looking for the same thing.  You do get used to using the favicons for bookmarks, but I find that you do that in conjunction with the site name or abbreviation you edit it down to.  So for example when you then put your news feeds into a folder and label it "News", it's harder to differentiate and access quickly because all the folder outlines look the same.  So perhaps I don't need to have a favicon for news, but just be able to put the folder name inside the folder outline and manipulate the color of the folder.  That would really help. 

Making moves

Any progress on this one? Really looking forwards towards this feature being finally implemented.

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Hello, developer community at Firefox!

We have a new feature request for you: the ability to change the favicon of a website or bookmark to an emoji of your choice. This would allow for great customization while using web apps and would help keep Firefox at par with other browsers like Arc that already offer this functionality.

We hope you will consider this feature request and help us make Firefox more fun and user-friendly. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!