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Hello all, Back in the days of Internet Explorer there was a nifty little feature where you could "Send Link to the Desktop" under the file menu. It included the website favicon with it. That was great for many of us who like to keep our favorite links immediately in front of us right on the Windows desktop. It helps the workflow a lot.  Also, then in Chrome, you could just drag the URL straight off the search bar and drop it on your Windows desktop. I, of course, organize my links in relevant named folders. Friends and co-workers have adopted that desktop organizational style. Unfortunately Firefox has none of that. Like if you want a URL you're at in Firefox saved to your desktop, you have to trudge through the copy and paste labor of creating a new shortcut. You know how that is. I know Firefox has all your favorites either on the home page or the bookmarks structure, on and on... So has anyone in Mozilla thought of any of this??

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Hi Jim, you can create a desktop shortcut if you drag the lock icon from the left end of the address bar. (That's more reliable than dragging the text.)

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Desktop shortcut drag and drop fail. Now i have to create a shortcut and past e the URL into the properties of the new shortcut.... back to the OLD ways, the dark ages are back in style.

This shortcut drag and drop no longer works on the newest version of FF  100.0b3