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The fact that there is no way to translate automatically in iOS puts Firefox way behind Edge, Safari, and Chrome on the iOS platform. I was excited to switch to Firefox but this vital missing feature will keep me or anyone else who lives outside of the English speaking world from using Firefox as their mobile browser. Cutting the URL into is no substitute at all for the ability to translate from within the app.

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I agree we need this feature. Safari, Chrome, Edge, etc have page translation. 

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Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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This is a critical feature. I will be forced to use Chrome until translation on the mobile app is available.

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Can we at least know why isn't it already available? Is apple blocking you or some other reason? It is literally one of the biggest deal breakers for a lot of people.

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When is this feature coming to iOS, if not, I am planning to switch back to Chrome on my iPhone soon..

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I was using firefox for 3-4 years but then I moved to non-english speaking country and unfortunately had to switch to Chrome just because of this feature. Still used it for 8 months after moving but it was so frustrating to move to other browser just to translate few pages.

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I made shortcut for pahe translating. I share url from url to my shortcut, I take this url and paste it into (include with) Google Translate url and open this new url. It open new tab in default browser (Firefox). 

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Unfortunately i have to change to Chrome because of this