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Status: New idea

The fact that there is no way to translate automatically in iOS puts Firefox way behind Edge, Safari, and Chrome on the iOS platform. I was excited to switch to Firefox but this vital missing feature will keep me or anyone else who lives outside of the English speaking world from using Firefox as their mobile browser. Cutting the URL into is no substitute at all for the ability to translate from within the app.

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New member

Same here. I was excited to use firefox… but idk if I will

New member

whats causing the scaling down of functionality? is it apple?

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I would like this feature. As someone who is an immigrant to a country who do not use my native language, Firefox Mobile translation is a daily driver.

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100% we need this feature! I’m tired to switch to Chrome when I need to translate some pages.

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Yes, that is the main feature I really miss out

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It’s interesting that firefox didn’t consider this feature whereas most mobile browsers come with this feature by default.

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I support, I want to use this browser, but the absence of this small detail greatly interferes. Often you want to read an article, a forum or a book in a foreign language and go through another browser to translate the page. I even write this message in chrome, although I went to the site through firefox. I was very surprised when I did not find it among the addons with the translation function.

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This is very important feature missing in Firefox. I think that It should not be so difficult to bring bergamot to iOS. 

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It would be very handy, I mean Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Yandex all already have this so it'll be nice to have it in iOS Firefox too.

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Strollin' around

I agree. On mobile, I will usually use Safari if the webpage needs to be translated. Having a built in translate function would be very nice. Definitely kudos!

New member

Yes! i need this 😞

New member

This is also a deal breaker for me

New member

It is strongly recommended that the ios version of Firefox supports the translation function!