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Making moves
Status: New idea

After an update the homepage shortcuts are mixed with the recent visited history.


An option to hide the recent visited history from the shortcuts homepage or the possibility to show only the fixed shortcuts would be interesting.

New member

An option to hide history highlights on shortcut

i have a few websites added to top sites and show on homepage, but after the last update, the history record shows after the top sites.

i need a option to hide the history highlights on homepage.

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Community Manager

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Android: Do not add history to shortcuts on homepage

Since an update a while ago, visited web pages being placed in history are kind of "added" to the shortcuts on the customized home page of Firefox on Android.

I always have to remove them manually, it's a pain.

Please bring back the previous behaviour. And please add a switch in the settings to not collect a history at all.

Making moves
Making moves

Thank you for saying what I wanted. Made an account just to let you know how smart you are. Firefox hire this man. He understands that NO ONE cares about how firefox works on desktop and that this new feature helps to sync the desktop and mobile versions.

All I care about is customizing my browser to look how I want, not how the devs want.

Don't fix what's not broken please for the love of God allow an option for people to turn this history on homepage off.

Why are you actively wasting your own time and resources.

Give us the tools and the sandbox and we can take over. That is all you literaly need to do.

Im very angry cus this is now the 4th browser ive tried and Im sick of having to move things over so im sticking with firefox for now but seriously.



Making moves




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Do not add history to shortcuts on homepage

thank ,the design is too stupid


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I just don't understand when they add such things into the browser, why they are unable to make it optional. If I'd lead such a company that has a declining userbase, I would not mess with them further.

New member

Is there even any option in about:config to fix this behaviour?

Basically, I've stopped using homepage shorcuts altogether because of this issue...

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It's not a solution but a not so bad work around for now, if you turn on the setting Delete browsing data on quit and only select browsing history and site data, hit quit when you're done instead of minimising and then you won't have the history build up and fill you shortcuts tab.

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++ Would love this added

Making moves

While I appreciate that, on the Firefox Home Page, oft used websites can have shortcuts right on that page, but what is driving me crazy is the fact that once you open a website, that site pastes a shortcut on your homepage whether you want one or not. Some of these shortcuts are impossible to get rid of. You 'Dismiss' and/or 'Delete from History' repeatedly and the site remains. It might move to another position on your display, but it sticks around. Firefox needs to make it possible to delete shortcuts that are not wanted. Please!

Community Manager
Community Manager

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Making moves

Give us a off/on button for the people who don't want it and for the people who want it and the same option for desktop.

Making moves

Yeah I'm sick of random sites I viewed popping up in the new tab shortcuts. Let us turn it off.