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Status: New idea

I would really love a ToDo-add on like MS ToDo for Thunderbird.
A ToDo list that doesnt require an action to have a date.

I hate to be logged in to MS and store things there.

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Community Manager

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New member

Menu/Events & Tasks/Tasks ???

What’s missing?

New member

To add something without a date for i.e.

  • a shopping list
  • things to do on the  house
  • books to read
New member

Add things without a date.

For i.e.

  • shopping list
  • things to do on the house
  • books to read

Look at MS ToDo for examples

Thunderbird Team
Thunderbird Team

Hi @LasseT, try File -> New -> Task.
You can also view Tasks by clicking the 4th icon in the Spaces Toolbar (on the left) that looks like a checkmark .

Does that suit what you're trying to do?

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my bad!
My problem is that the calendar I use is the one at and that doesn't support "tasks" or Todo-lists.

How will task's/ToDo-lists be handled in the new mobile Thunderbird?