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New member
Status: New idea

The new Thundbird logo presented on is gorgeous and got a lot of positive feedback. But the negative feedback that reacted to the character of the bird seems valid to me - it is a less nice, more aggressive bird. Which seems counter to what Thunderbid wants to be?

I want to show a design where the positive aspects of both logos are merged:


It keeps the new form and colours, but restores the eye, makes the beak smaller (so the bird is closer to a mail carrying pidgin again), adds some structure for the feathers and in the face.

I know the probability of changing an already implemented redesign is close to nil 😉 But who knows, maybe someone likes this design as much as I do and wants to use this.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Familiar face

I agree, it looks more like the angry bird than the rain bird.  But if you do not mind I will use it on my blog.

Strollin' around

wow this looks so much better than the original! the current version looks lifeless, like a blue shadow of a bird.

I would also like to suggest a version where the mail symbols is larger, it has been shrinked considerably compared to older one, this makes is very hard to detect it as mail symbol for people not regularly using it.

New member

@MattAuSupportsure, please use it, share it - I guess its the same license situation as the Thunderbird logo it is derived from.

@darealdemayo🙂 The firefox logo gets away with the big globe by putting the head on is side. But then it would differ even more from the prior Thunderbird logo. Or would you make the bird thinner?

The curent one maybe wanted to lean into the mythological a word like Thunderbird summons, clever, but yeah, that makes it less alive (and nice).

Making moves

Agreed some change is needed, the new logo is kind of aggressive. I am sure they wanted to create the best logo, it just looks a bit angry.

Making moves

I agree. A little enlargement helps make it match the Ffox in size.


New member

It looks great! But I think that the whole idea is to make Thunderbird design just like Firefox, which seems pretty basic if you compare it to this new logo that you have created. Although, to be honest, the new thunderbird logo should look like this: 



New member

Hi, I think the new logo doesn't look so good when small, such as in the windows taskbar. It is not as unique as the 2018 version, looks fine when bigger.