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Dear Firefox Team!

Please add time fixation in history - i mean what time i opened the web page and how long i stayed there.

There is such item in Opera and Chrome.

And this will be very useful in our Firefox.


Thank in advance,


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Community Manager

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hey folks good afternoon 🙂

actually in history of firefox there is not time of website visited (it's only divided by date). Can you add time?

And worse, looking for history if I click on a link (that "should be" the correct link I looking for) history refreshed because that link going at the top of history. The result is that I have to re-search from start and scroll again history 😕 it's a bug imho.


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Add Date and Time to Search History

It would be valuable to see the timestamp for the last time you visited a site once you find it in Firefox history. Since the pages can be ordered chronologically, this information has a high chance of already being latently stored in the browser.

This feature could be useful for us users' context, clearly displaying the amount of time we stay on a single site, the chronology of sites we've browsed, and the last time we revisited a topic. An although I've recently become an adult, it could also be useful for parental control features, although it feels like a bit of a betrayal to suggest.

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Community Manager

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As using Firefox since the end of 2004, I have always switched browsers when placing orders or other critical site visits as often I need to correlate time with other activities. For sure others monetize my visits. This being said, I also use Firefox for extensions like color matching that no one else offers.