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Status: New idea

It is frustrating to browse some news sites and click on video articles, only to have the thumbnail grayed out with a spinning circle cursor.  This happens even when I change the setting for a specific site to allow auto-play.  I usually just copy the URL and paste it in to Microsoft Edge to see it if I really want to.

Please provide something (an error code or a plain-text message) that gives some indication of the technical reason a video won't play. Here are some examples of what I'd like to see:

  • error 123 - invalid codec
  • error 125 - missing codec
  • Addin "Adblock Plus" has prevented this video from playing.
  • Addin "Disconnect" has prevented this video from playing.

I would then be able to either report to Mozilla that a totally new codec is in use and should be added to the next update of Firefox, or I would know specifically which add-in is causing my issue.

Examples of problem videos are CNN and NBC Chicago .