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I've been using TB and Lightning for decades now, because it can synchronize using CalDAV my mobile devices. Ever since there has been one issue that is a real annoyance: when I enter a task on any of my mobile devices, no matter which OS, no matter which app, I can tag the new task as "all day", meaning that it either does last the hole day or that is has to be done some time during that day. In both cases, such a task does not need to be bound to a specific time.

Unfortunately, Lightning does not offer an option "all day". That would not really be a problem, because I could enter my task on my Android app and it will be synchronized. The main problem is, that as soon as Lightning downloads such a task, it squeezes in a start time and an end time, before it will be re-uploaded to the CalDAV server. This not only means that the task is now being tagged as taking place from midnight to midnight in every connected calendar app, it also means that some mobile devices fire off an alarm at midnight, because there is a task to be done!

I noticed that this unwanted adding of a start time and an end time happens when I select the option to make a subscribed CalDAV calendar support "offline mode". When I deselect that option, the mark is being kept. But still, I can't create tasks in Lightning that are marked "all day". Lately I have bee using Evolution for some time, and I noticed that Evolution keeps the setting "all day", and it even offers an option when editing a task. And I really would like Lightning to be able to do this as well: having an option to mark a task "all day" and keeping this option.

Thanks for reading and considering my request.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

New member

Totally for this. It would be a huge benefice ! 

New member

This is not just a feature - it is a defect! Please urgently ask for improvements so as not to lose many users to evolution or similar!