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With a growing trend towards working from home, having a good separation of times that are reserved for work and planned free time becomes more and more important.

Thus I think it would be a great feature to set specific times where Mail from an account should be collected, and times where you want to be undisturbed by that information.

It's already possible to set intervals to check for new messages. In a similar manner, you could integrate a feature to set times where these intervals should be applied, and times where no checking altogether happens.

The usecase for me would be the following: I use Thunderbird for my personal, university and work related mail. At times later than 5 p.m., I don't want to receive work and uni related stuff, but still want to keep my personal mail adresses functional. There are currently two workarounds, which each have their own disadvantages:

1. Creating a own profile for uni/work: This works, but has you juggling with profiles. You aren't able to receive personal mail while being logged in with your work account, and vice versa. Same goes for just opening TB at the desired times.

2. Disable automatic checking for mail for work accounts: This works, but you have to remember to check manually. On a typical workday, this results in quite a bit of checking over and over. You could enable automatic checking for these times - just the same as the requested feature would do automatically!

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