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Making moves
Status: In development

Tl;dr: I would love to see Thunderbird (Currently known as K-9 Mail) also being brought to Apple devices. 

The term privacy and open source have become well used and something of a reason for many to switch apps/services and even operating systems and devices. But in this day and age on Apple those options are lacking since many are stuck with Apple and having access to a well functioning and well designed e-mail app, with transparent/limited/no data collection from a trusted source is severely lacking since as a user you are basically stuck with the default Mail app, or Canary which seems to be what many recommends (i think because there simply is no better options currently) but in having used K-9 for several years on Android and now that i am currently on Apple i find myself lacking options.

But also with Canary moving to offering a more algorithmic and automated approach (it´s called Copilot and is pro/paid option) in handling of e-mail i think this will create a need for options. Personally even the look of the bottom toolbar is a annoyance since 1 icon is dedicated to the Copilot and no option to remove it. At least i cant find one. 

So i hope this idea generates some discussion and for others to chime in on this.

If this suggestion is already somewhere else, or if this should be posted elsewhere then please point me to that place so i can add my vote.


New member

I can’t wait. After so many years we would have proper client.


Also, an idea. I know that you guys need money for development. Please do something similar like Signal that I can donate from an app. Maybe give people who donated few more icons. I like the idea of buying coffee for my favourite app dev team. Also, spending 3-5$ is not difficult for my pocket 

New member

I would pay for thunderbird on ipad as well! Please do so 😄

Making moves

TBH a Thunderbird IOS version would be great

Making moves

can't wait