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Status: New idea

Authors of malicious unsolicited emails sometimes concoct a Date field date much earlier than the actual sent date making that field worthless. Unfortunately, the Windows 10 Thunderbird 102.5.0 (64-bit) desktop application does not sort the Received column in emails from the current date in sequence according to time (chronologically).

For example, an email received on 11/20/2022 sorted on the Received column with the Received column displayed value "12:46 AM" is inadvertently shown between emails with Received column values "11/9/2022, 4:24 AM" and "11/12/2022, 7:47 AM".

I suggest the improvement of the sorting of receive column to allow the sorting of all emails in sequence according to the time reported by the receiver's email server.

Status changed to: New idea
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I have a similar problem with Thunderbird 102.9.1 (64 bit) for PC and a non-spam message.  Normally emails take seconds to reach their destination but sometimes they can take days, and when this happens, this becomes a problem.

In my case, the genuine message was sent on 1 April but got stuck somewhere in the sender's provider's systems, and did not get out until today (3 April local time) and did not reach my mail server until 3 April.  The Received: field should say 3 April, but in my case, it says 1 April, the same date and time as the sent date, and so the message does not appear near the top of my inbox, but further down, where it could get lost.

So the Received field in the messages list should be based on the time received in the mail server that the person using (which I assume is always the first Received: entry in the message), not the first mail server that the message encounters (which I assume is the bottom-most Received: entry).d

Please fix this.  You have my vote.

Making moves

I have a similar frustration.  I just set up Thunderbird on my desktop after rebuilding it.  The "Date" column and the "Received" column appear to be the same, and worse, they are the time that Thunderbird recceived it from the IMAP server, not a date sent, which would be far more useful until all my old email is synced back in.

Or am I missing something???

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I am finding a problem frequently, emails that are just showing the time received for today are actually displayed after the last email. If I have already momentarily seen the email on my mobile it does not of course show up as unread in Thunderbird so it is quite easy to lose track of them. Oddly the one sender where this always happens is my own service provider TalkTalk, their emails never show up amongst todays they always go after the very last email sorted by date order.

Incidentally I do move emails from Inbox into a year date from time to time so my Inbox is not massive, currently only emails dated after 1st January 2021 are in Inbox.