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Making moves
Status: New idea

Short Version

In TB Calendar's Event Description field, I'd love it if the former plain-text editor could be resurrected via a new toggle/checkbox option in Settings (or in Config Editor), so we're not forced to use the new rich-text editor.

Long Version

I use Calendar Events a lot, especially the free-form Description box where I enter lots of notes and to-do's.

In TB 78.x, the big Description area/box/field was a plain-text editor. It worked *flawlessly*. (I'm on MacOS 11.7.x, btw.)

But when I upgraded to TB 91.x (and now 102.x) , it became a rich-text editor.

I don't mind that in itself, but the rich-text editor has a handful of bugs that make it difficult to copy-paste and edit the data in that Description box reliably. Very frustrating. I talk more about these bugs in this Mozilla Connect thread here.

It would be great if the former plain-text editor could still be an option, via a new toggle/checkbox control in Settings (or an entry in Config Editor). Since all the old plain-text-editor code must still exist (currently deactivated), presumably reactivating it as a user option shouldn't be a large development chore (I hope!), and would hopefully continue providing bug-free UI/editing for those of us on MacOS who don't need rich-text features.

Thank you for considering my humble feature request.


New member

I also need to be fixed as soon as possible, i want to paste text, save it and next time i opened not be a mess html code.


New member

I experienced your issue. Too bad mozilla staff seems negligent on this annoying issue. Currently I am just editing calendar events in google calendar (the calendar is connecting to my google calendar) and have an aggregated view in Thunderbird calendar.

New member

I also have the same issues with text formatting in Thunderbird Calendar 102.8.0

If I attempt to update an event's text, the text is further jumbled after saving/updating the event!!

Strollin' around

On Windows and possible other OSes, Ctrl+Shift+V pastes without formatting.

New member

This issue is frustrating me as well.  The calendar event description text is almost unusable.  This is a feature that I've made frequent use of.  Each time you save or update an event description, additional line breaks are randomly added to the text.

New member

I also would prefer an plain-text-toggle. I sync TB with Google, to which also my iPhone syncs with.
After going through two different systems, the result is an unreadable mess on my iPhone (iOS 15.7.5)
And it used to work like a charm for years - but now I always get an hardly ledgebale mess displayed...

New member

Agree. It worked like a charm as plain text for years. If you wanted HTML, you could add it, that worked too. Now neither works!  If there's going to be HTML it has to be really well implemented

New member

Still buggy all these months later. My big complaint is that the formatting doesn't stick. Specifically, text I entered is all broken into extra lines (line breaks have spring up out of nowhere) when I go back and re-open an event after saving some time earlier.

Making moves

OP here. Thanks for everyone's comments and feedback on this issue. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

If you haven't done so already, please be sure to click Kudos/Like/ThumbsUp in the footer of my original post. The more votes we get, the more visibility we accrue for this frustrating set of UI bugs, and the greater likelihood of getting the very-functional plain-text editor resurrected.

For all of you also experiencing these problems, are you on a Mac like me, or is TB exhibiting these issues on Windows too? (On Linux too?)

Another thing... I've also had issues with syncing since the rich-text editor was launched. The calendar server I use handles plain-text, and again, it worked flawlessly and cooperated fantastically, pre- rich-text. But now there are syncing problems, and 1 obvious thing is that TB force-wraps lines at an arbitrary length, which is yet another unexpected alteration to my plain-text content. Before rich-text, data synced pristinely, word for word, line by line.

My request, again, to Mozilla: Please restore the former plain-text editor, as it worked FLAWLESSLY for several years. Perhaps add a toggle to allow some users to use rich-text if desired. As someone above recently echoed about the plain-text days: "it used to work like a charm for years".

(Thank you again for your consideration.)

Sidenote to all: Command+Shift+V seems to work for Paste Without Formatting, although I think they should also add it to the context menu, since that's where most users will go looking for it.


New member

Confirming that the issues are happening for me in Windows 10, too. Extra line breaks as well as the random mid-line break that you describe. Very little of the rich text functionality survives a sync operation it seems.