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New member
Status: New idea

when opening a link in an external app that sends to the default browser and Firefox is the default browser, opening in normal/private tabs should be an option in settings. 

Currently, links open in whatever firefox thinks you were last active in, and if that happens to be private browsing, you will not be signed in so some links will not function correctly. 

Status changed to: New idea
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New member

This would be amazing! Default private windows is annoying for that same reason. 

New member

I would definitely appreciate this feature!

New member

This absolutely needs to be a feature for ios. I am having to switch to a different browser on my ipad right now because I open links from apps constantly as part of my workflow, and having to log in to these secure websites every time (usually with 2-factor auth, "magic links" or other annoying log-in processes) makes the mozilla browser unusable on ipad for my purposes.

New member

at least , there could be  a shortcut  for jumping to the default  mode 

Making moves

Over a year later and this is still an issue, at least with this iteration of the suggestion. Please, please "fix" this Mozilla!

It's a big negative having links open in a private tab (thus changing the entire tab view to opened private tabs. Like others here, I cannot use FireFox as the default browser this way. It's just NOT cool having the risk of private tabs pop open by default. 

It's seemingly somewhat random behavior now. I've intentionally left normal tabs open as last viewed, and tried leaving FireFox open & force-closed it; makes little difference. 

New member

Can't believe it's still not been resolved yet!