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Would it be possible to add the "current" time to the date displayed in the "Events and Tasks" sidebar?  I don't think it necessarily has to automatically update unless the user redisplays this sidebar (easy to do by tapping F11 twice...!) — but if dynamic time display can be done, go for it.

If you're working in Thunderbird, displaying time there would be easier and more convenient than displaying the OS taskbar (which I have hidden to give me less distraction and more screen space).  Also, the display font used for the time could be relatively large and selected to be more readable — a plus for this user whose eyes benefit from larger, more readable fonts...!  (Changing the OS font for the taskbar could result in less screen space available — I need to squeeze out maximum screen space on my laptop — and changing OS desktop/taskbar display attributes, especially in Win10, is not fun.)

Many thanks for your consideration.

Mark Victor, Astoria NYC

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