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Status: New idea

For an unified inbox adding an account label would be help to identify a target account for each email in cards view.

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New member

Would this "account label" be the recipient address ?

Displaying the recipient address is a must have to allow sorting mail received on a "catch all" address.

New member

@Cobus "account" and "recipient" are different labels in the classic table view. Recipient address can be useless sometimes when email has multiple recipients. For example, if your email is in cc, it won't show your email address in the recipient label, but the address of the main recipient.

But I get that the account isn't enough information for "catch all" address.

I see two possible solutions. Customizable labels for predefined locations in cards view. Where you can select what info is displayed for each label on the card. You could then choose "account" or "recipient" label like in a table view.

Or smarter account/recipient info label where you can configure what "catch all" address belong to you, so TB can always show your address (and not someone else's address).