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Making moves
Status: In development

Thunderbird can move folders to different hierarchies using drag and drop. However, it is not possible to move them within the same hierarchy, i.e. reorder them.

The "Manually sort folders" add-on had helped to sort folders, but with Thunderbird 115 (Supernova), it is no longer available. It is time to make it a proper feature.

I was involved in the development of the add-on to make it Thunderbird 78 compatible and later as a collaborator. So, as an option, I have considered developing another add-on for Thunderbird 115. This may not be impossible. (John is providing a POC.) But I would like to consider implementing the ability to sort folders properly in Thunderbird.

My current thinking and the work required has been described here.

1846550 - add ability to manually sort (order) folders in folder pane (

New member

The last post here was in October!!! Evidently, nothing has been done. How long does it take to add a measly little function? All talk and no action. Meanwhile, people migrate to a more suitable email client. Anyway, users get what they want, in the end, leaving Thunderbird far behind.

Thunderbird Team
Thunderbird Team

We're trying to get better about posting here, but I do apologize for the silence.

We know many of you used the "Manually Sort Folders" Add-on in Thunderbird (which is what handled this functionality for lots of folks), and are frustrated that it's not compatible with Thunderbird 115. But we do have a positive takeaway to share:

While the developer has decided to discontinue the Add-on, they are working on a patch to make it part of Thunderbird's core functionality! So in the future this will be a built-in ability.


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Good news! Hope the patch is released soon! I now spend so much time scrolling around to folders that are my primary project resources. I've begun to rename folders so that they move to the top of the folder list. But this is so confusing as my cognitive tracking of the new, random names doesn't register (I'm an environmental psychologist so this is kind of a self-study).

New member

Totally agree with this need. I mean, it's so great working with Thunderbird, that's is really difficult to explain why this feature to sort folders is not there as part of the system. The add-on was great, very very useful, and it's a clear step back having to rename the folders (1-fdf, 2-fdfa, etc) to have some order in our folders. Please, consider putting an effort to this. Thanks.

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This thread is now 6 months old. I get it that Thunderbird development is a volunteer activity, but a 1/2 a year is long time to not release (at least patch) a functional regression. Can anyone shed light on when we might see a version of Thunderbird with this functionality?

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@Itagaki thanks for your work on the add-on, it removed an annoying lapse in Thunderbirds feature set.

I added a folder today and my annoyance at the lack of this feature reared up again, it's hard to imagine that a feature that seems so simply on the surface has been left out of Thunderbird for over 20 years.

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Can I add to the clamour for this to be implemented please.

I have just swapped computer and forgot to make the new accounts in order .... arrggh ..... then found Maually Sort Folders had gone!!!!