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Making moves
Status: In development

Thunderbird can move folders to different hierarchies using drag and drop. However, it is not possible to move them within the same hierarchy, i.e. reorder them.

The "Manually sort folders" add-on had helped to sort folders, but with Thunderbird 115 (Supernova), it is no longer available. It is time to make it a proper feature.

I was involved in the development of the add-on to make it Thunderbird 78 compatible and later as a collaborator. So, as an option, I have considered developing another add-on for Thunderbird 115. This may not be impossible. (John is providing a POC.) But I would like to consider implementing the ability to sort folders properly in Thunderbird.

My current thinking and the work required has been described here.

1846550 - add ability to manually sort (order) folders in folder pane (

New member

Any idea why my comments don't show up? I've already tried twice and they disappear. Well, if this doesn't I am all for it becoming a permanent feature. I need to be able to sort my local folders manually.

Making moves

A bit of good news. I have successfully implemented a drag-and-drop folder reordering feature in the core of Thunderbird 120 and submitted a patch for review today. I am not sure if it will be accepted or not. I think they should consider it carefully, of course.

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Thanks a lot!! ✌️

Strollin' around

Thank You and does anybody have any idea on how to move this (MSF) in a positive direction?  Will we have to wait for TB 120?  Tnx Again

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I've used only two add-ons to Thunderbird: Manually Sort Folders & Sieve editor. Thunderbird 115 breaks both.

Please, please, please, add "MSF" to Thunderbird, folders must be sorted by importance, not by alphabet, and only user knows importance, it can not be known to software.

Of course, there should be ability to sort whole tress of folders (and I have maximum nesting level of 5!).

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I have so many manually sorted folders, and, still using TB 102.x Glad I checked for compatibility of this add-on with TB 115.  I won't be upgrading until this feature is available once again.

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Dans l'attente de... Merci

Looking forward to... Thank you

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I was able to downgrade to 102.15 with online how-to's. Disabled automatic upgrade till we have a vesion that includes manual sorting.

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Hello Thunderbird Devs - please, please, please seriously consider the request to be able to sort mail folders within the same hierachy as a high priority user need.  Thank you!

Status changed to: Trending idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Quick update…

This idea is now a “Trending idea” here on Mozilla Connect, which means it’s one step closer to reaching our internal teams for review—learn more about The Idea Journey.

Please keep the conversation going and stay tuned for updates 😀