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Making moves
Status: New idea

On many websites visited in webinars:

The details within the presented video, are often smaller than desirable.
One is offered a 'fullscreen" mode, but then one looses some context.
The PIP mode would seem to offer a solution, the window is resizable, movable....

However, when wants to 'take-a-snapshot' of the (from my perspective) base webpage, AND the PIP,
(or even just a snapshot within the PIP),  the 'take-a-snapshot', will ONLY capture the base page.

I would hope to see the ability to capture either the PIP window only,  OR  the composition, as I have laid it out, of the basewindow AND the PIP window.

This votes for more controls on the PIP window's frame, at a minimum.

This is especially needed, when one is viewing:
    [] a 'demo' of some GUI application.
    [] an engineering blow-up of a complicated assembly (where details are important)
    [] a presentation where one needs the context of the base window, along with the PIP window.
    [] another eg.  trying to take notes, on a very complicated slide (formulae + drawings...), while
       trying to concentrate on the lecture.

The current system can use the  "-| ###% |+"  control, but, especially in webinars, the  graphics or presenters (talking head), prevents the desirable relative resizing of the sought details portion, v the talkinghead, and all the other clutter (Chat dialogs, headers, footers....   That method is very non-productive.. 

Of course taking a FullScreenShot from the BaseOS is possible, but the FFox tool should allow more flexibility, to work on any platform, w the FFox browser. 

The abiity to HIGHLITE, regions of interest within the screen shot, would also be desirable, as in some Google-like programs/apps.

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