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Status: In development

Firefox Fennec had a great tabbed interface on tablets. When Fenix came, we regressed to a stretched out phone UI. After years of stagnation, Android tablets are rising again, thanks to foldables and new initiatives from Google. Firefox is missing out by not including a tabbed interface for Android tablet users, particularly because FF has best in class syncing abilities. Android power users are enthusiastic recommenders of their favorite browsers, so it would be huge advantage over Chromium based competitors!   

Strollin' around

I use Firefox ony work desktop but Vivaldi for personal use simply because I only use a tablet/phone combo for personal use and the phone UI on tablet just isn't great.

I struggle that here we are in 2023 with lager screens,tablets and flip phones that firefox for Android still doesn't have tab mode for larger screens.

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I am also all for this and I hope that firefox impliments it soon.

Literally not having desktop style tab view on my tablet/phone is the 1 thing keeping me from using Firefox all the time.

I've got a Samsung Tablet that I love using in DeX mode. Other browsers show desktop style tabs when open - Brave, Samsung Internet, Kiwi Browser, Chrome (which I'm trying to avoid due to new updates), and other's all show desktop style tabs when opened horizontally.

I've also got a Samsung Fold 4 for my phone. And when my phone is opened to the larger screen, not having those tabs at the top makes Firefox seem clunky.

i 100% would love for this idea (which as obviously been wanted for a while) to be added to Firefox. I'd use Firefox all the time as my browser of choice if it did.

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using Firefox on my ChromeOS tablet is a nightmare. in portrait mode it's okay but in landscape mode it's a mess. i wish there was a better UI and added gestures. while they're at it add better keyboard support since alot of android tablets are coming with keyboard and keyboard accessories. If implemented I could add Firefox on every device I have.

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If anyone is crazy enough to add this yourself, I'll just leave this here:

Mozilla is clearly not going to do this themselves any time soon. I know it's a big undertaking, but maybe someone would be willing to try it?

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This is needed. The UI, the keyboard shortcuts, mouse support with context menus by right click, even webpage scale is missing in Fenix.


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yes we need proper Tablet version. There is no mouse right click, no open Tabs management, move Tabs, open as new window...etc. we need drog and drop text or photo to another notes app like Samsung Notes or OneNote. Samsung Internet would be browser to copy functionality from.

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I'd be more than glad to wireframe and prototype some UI to help with it, and bring some ideas as well. I just can't code it as my coding skills are really basic, and I can't try to learn a ton for this at the moment [I'm a design student struggling financially, so it would be done on my time for personal projects]

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Firefox is extremely behind the game with tablet support. Chromium based browsers have had significantly better tablet experience for a very long time now. Firefox is borderline unusable on a tablet in this current state. Hopefully they get this updated. 

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This desperately needs attention. For Firefox to not have a tab bar available for tablet users is a significant ommission. Other browsers offer a much better experience, and we really need to see Firefox catch up!

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