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Status: In development

Firefox supports WebAuthn, but as far as I could tell only with hardware tokens. I could not find a word about Firefoxs support of Passkeys (like Apple announced recently) anywhere

Personally I don't know why passkeys werent adopted much sooner, it seems such a long hanging fruit to just store the key in the FF password manager.

I use FF to support a web where there is not only one option, like Chrome, but FF keeps falling behind and behind instead of being at the forefront. This should be a top priority.

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Cross device authentication sucks and Firefox will never get accredited for a software implementation. There is no good solution here except for regulators to a big baseball bat to Google, Microsoft and especially Apple to get non discriminatory access to their native keychains even when not installed from the first party stores. Hell, regulators should force them to allow cross ecosystem syncing of passkeys.

At the moment supporting passkeys would just speed up Mozilla's demise.

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"At the moment supporting passkeys would just speed up Mozilla's demise."

Not supporting Passkeys will do this far more effectively. I've been a Firefox user for decades and have always encouraged other technical users in my field to use and support Firefox. Not supporting current web standards - particularly security-related ones - is going to make it very difficult for me to argue that anyone should use Firefox over the alternatives.

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I would love for Firefox to add Passkey support.

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For those expressing disappointment that Firefox is "falling behind", well, I wonder how many donate to support Mozilla? Mozilla is working with a smaller budget than other browser makers. Also, as number of active users has fallen, so too has revenue streams from things like default search provider and site/article referrals on the "new tab" page.

Mozilla has limited resources, so they may take longer to get to feature parity than big corporate browsers with big corporate budgets. Be patient. And if you can, donate. And get people using Firefox, so that 'ad' revenue goes back up.

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Is not a problem of human time only, or donation, is a problem of choice: implementing it or not?

After you can start with minimal implementation with local os storage.

And after add it in the Firefox password manager...

And add ability to developpe storage extension also...

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Also with support with local secure storage like android/ios and Windows (tpm via l'api cryptong) support the possibility to have secure key like fido external key.... But without key... Like 2fa attached to your device!

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This would really improve my security on the internet. I hope it'll be delivered soon.

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But the demo on is already functional...

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I find it rather embarrassing that Mozilla is already holding a vote on this issue. This should be a topic that should have been publicly announced by Mozilla months ago. Where is your strategic orientation? Just the fact that the "big" competitors have already announced this confirms again that users should stay with Chrome e.t.c.

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Please add passkey support to Firefox.