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Status: In development

MacOS features a fantastic system-wide text replacement feature which makes inputting common words and phrases (like an email address) very simple.

It'd be fantastic if Firefox could be updated to take advantage of Text Replacement to provide a more seamless MacOS experience

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This should be standard.  Chrome supports it, why can't Firefox?

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I have so many text replacements on the Mac.  Most apps allow > Edit > substitutions > ... but there is no "substitutions" choice in Firefox.   So, Firefox, please fix this so that the MacOS community can use Firefox more easily.  Thank you.

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text replacement

Mac's "text replacement" feature doesn't work



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Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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Still missing this. It works in Safari and Chrome. But FF is my daily tool 😕

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Indeed, Firefox lacks text replacement integration. I am more productive in filling forms with that feature.

I guess adding this request to the Firefox backlog would be great.

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So what is going on with this? Is ANYONE from Mozilla aware of this issue???

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That would be great to have it asap...

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Please add this. Every browser have it.

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Still nothing with this case? Wake up Mozilla !!!!!

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amazing that Mozilla have added an "Edit PDFs in the browser" feature (well, not really EDIT so much as fill out forms on PDFs, actually) but fail to implement the feature so many of use to speed up form use in macOS/iOS/iPadOS browsers, applications, PDFs etc where applications implement Apple's text replacement feature. I had two char abbrivations for several differnt email accounts that i use and heaps of other text using non-standard glyphs e.g. 
- > = →
GWP100 -> GWP₁₀₀,
GWP20 -> GWP₂₀,
CO2 -> CO₂,
CH4 -> CH₄,
m2 -> m²,
&euro -> €,
&pound -> £,
&ps -> £,…

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This is badly needed, I came back to Firefox when I learned Servo is back in development. But realizing FF might literally not be useful to me without text replacement as I use it to enter my LinkedIn & Github quickly applying to jobs.


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Not only would this be helpful but it's unacceptable as the only major browser that still doesn't support this.

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Firefox has to have this functionality or I will seriously consider returning to Chrome for Mac OS

Making moves

Yes we need this. +1 please add