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Status: New idea

MacOS features a fantastic system-wide text replacement feature which makes inputting common words and phrases (like an email address) very simple.

It'd be fantastic if Firefox could be updated to take advantage of Text Replacement to provide a more seamless MacOS experience

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For text replacement to work in Apple Applications, they use Edit menu : Substitution : √ Text Replacement. You will notice that this menu item is entirely missing from Firefox 74.0.1, and many other non-Apple applications. The Firefox development team would have to redesign Firefox with the ability to enable text replacement from Apple's System Preferences : Keyboard : Text panel — which it is currently lacking.


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I second this!! Using an extension is not a good alternative it should already be built in

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I logged this issue two years ago on Bugzilla (issue number 1607115). Provided some additional details there.

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Begging for this to be added. And all standard macOS text substitutions and functionality in general would be awesome. 😔

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Please fix this. Text replacement can be so useful. Very unfortunate it doesn't work in Firefox!

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I switched to firefox today after years of safari use and uninstalled this within 2 hours, because of this.

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Agree current system fails unless you look at the screen for each word.  Even Chrome highlights doubtful words which is much better when proof reading document or email.

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This would be really useful, especially for work - I'd use it all the time. What would make it even more useful would be to sync those text replacements across your Firefox account so they worked on mobile and other desktops.

There are a few Chrome extensions that do this but they always seem to have suspect data capturing. I've not really seen any for Firefox and you'd hope if it was baked into the browser, it would adhere to Mozilla's strategy of not needing to capture the data other than for syncing.

Thanks for bringing this one up @RickyRick 

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Agree, it would be really an awesome feature