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Status: New idea

Good afternoon,

A loyal Firefox user here.

I am writing to suggest an improvement that, in my opinion, I consider quite important regarding the use of bookmarks in Firefox Android.

- First of all, I propose you to add an option to display the bookmarks bar in firefox, in the same way you do it for Windows. The difference is that if the bookmarks do not fit in the allotted space, it could be a horizontal slider bar that allows you to slide the bookmarks in the same allotted space. I attach a screenshot explaining this graphically. This is because tablets especially are evolving towards "PCs" and there is already enough space for it, with the use of keyboard, mouse and even PC Mode (like the Xiaomi Pad 5), and for those who make intensive use of bookmarks, it means slowness and lack of agility when working. For those of us who work with the bookmarks bar on PCs, it is very uncomfortable and slow to use them on Android.

- Secondly, the search and loading of saved bookmarks is acceptable (it appears in folded folders format, as I show). However, saving a bookmark is horrendous, as all the folders of bookmarks are displayed, making it almost impossible to locate and save. In this case, I propose that, for saving bookmarks, you use the same format as for opening them, based on folders that can be unfolded if the user wishes. I attach 3 images

I hope my suggestions can be taken into account, I think they are two weak points of Firefox Android and that the use of bookmarks requires more attention.

Otherwise, you guys are great and it's a pleasure to be in contact with you.

Always faithful to Firefox.

Best regards.

PD: Images were loaded initially in the next post:





Buenas tardes, Os escribe un fiel usuario de Firefox. Os escribía para sugerir una mejora que, en mi opinión, considero bastante importante en cuanto al uso de marcadores en firefox.

- En primer lugar, os propongo que añadáis una opción para visualizar la barra de marcadores en firefox, del mismo modo que lo hacéis para Windows. La diferencia es que si los marcadores no caben en el espacio asignado, podría tratarse de una barra con deslizamiento horizontal que permita deslizar los marcadores en el mismo espacio asignado. Adjunto una captura explicándolo gráficamente. Esto se debe a que las tablets especialmente están evolucionando hacia "PCs" y ya hay espacio suficiente para ello, con uso de teclado, ratón e incluso Modo PC (como la Xiaomi Pad 5), y a quien haga un uso intensivo de marcadores, le supone lentitud y falta de agilidad al trabajar. A los que trabajamos con barra de marcadores en PC, se nos hace muy incómodo y lento hacer uso de ellos en Android.

- En segundo lugar, la búsqueda y carga de marcadores guardados, es aceptable (aparece en formato carpetas plegadas, como muestro). Sin embargo, guardar un marcador es horroroso, al aparecer todas las carpetas de marcadores desplegadas, haciendo casi imposible ubicarse para poder guardar. En este caso, os propongo que, para el guardado de marcadores, utilicéis el mismo formato que para abrirlos, en base a carpetas que puedan desplegarse si el usuario lo desea. Adjunto 3 imágenes

Espero que mis sugerencias puedan tenerse en cuenta, creo que son dos puntos débiles de Firefox Android y que el uso de marcadores requiere más atención.

Por lo demás, sois muy grandes y es un placer poder contactar con vosotros.

Siempre fiel a Firefox.

Un cordial saludo.

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I hope hardly agree. I've used Firefox on my desktop for many years, and rely on the bookmarks toolbar as my principal navigation tool for the web. All of my frequently accessed sites are on that toolbar. Having moved to an Android tablet recently I find it incredibly cumbersome to try to access my favorite sites. Please add a mobile equivalent to the desktop bookmarks toolbar.

New member

I use bookmark folders extensively on my PC, and it is extremely cumbersome to have to scroll through all of my bookmark folders on my Android phone to try to find the correct one when I want to add a bookmark. It would be much more useful if the bookmark folders were in an expandable tree format or if I were able to search for a folder by the folder's name.