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Making moves
Status: New idea

It seems that some Firefox users don't use or know about add-ons. I think that including suggestions of popular add-ons in the welcome page will help. They can be put into groups depending on their functionality.

Community Manager
Community Manager

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Familiar face

Just as long as it can be disabled by the user (just like Pocket, Top Sites etc).

I prefer to have a clean Welcome Page myself, but it's clear that too many people are ignorant to the benefits of Add-Ons.

Strollin' around

Yeah, the UX of finding addons is not great. Less friction and more discoverability would be welcome. 

Making moves

This would be good for users who don't typically look at extensions as it would allow them to see some of the great extensions that are available.

I believe add ons like the containers are crucial to helping Firefox stand out from other browsers, and are key to retaining users, once they start using them. Having this one time pop up will expose new users to these and then potentially keep them from switching away in future.