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Making moves
Status: New idea

Dear Firefox Team,

I am writing to propose a visionary step for Firefox – the acquisition of DuckDuckGo and its subsequent integration as the default search engine within the Firefox browser.

As user privacy becomes an increasingly crucial concern, this move would not only solidify Firefox's commitment to protecting user data but also set a new standard for privacy-centric browsing.

By acquiring DuckDuckGo, Firefox can harness the innovative search technology and privacy features that have made DuckDuckGo a trusted name among privacy-conscious users.

The integration of DuckDuckGo into Firefox would mark a significant milestone in providing users with a seamless and privacy-focused browsing experience.

This strategic acquisition could result in a synergy of technologies, enabling Firefox to offer an enhanced level of privacy and security to its user base.

Moreover, this move would serve as a powerful statement about Firefox's dedication to championing user rights in the digital age, ultimately strengthening Firefox's position in the competitive browser market.

I encourage the Firefox team to explore this opportunity, recognizing the potential for a groundbreaking collaboration that aligns with both companies' values and addresses the growing demand for privacy-centric solutions.


1. **Enhanced Privacy Features:** Integration of DuckDuckGo into Firefox brings forth advanced privacy features offered by DuckDuckGo's search engine, providing users with a more secure and private online browsing experience. This aligns with the increasing demand for robust privacy protection.

2. **Competitive Edge:** The acquisition positions Firefox as a leader in privacy-centric browsing, setting it apart from competitors. This strategic move could attract users seeking a browser that not only prioritizes their privacy but also integrates a trusted and privacy-focused search engine seamlessly.

3. **Innovative Technology Synergy:** Combining the technologies of Firefox and DuckDuckGo through acquisition can result in innovative synergies. This collaboration could lead to the development of new features and improvements that enhance user satisfaction and keep Firefox at the forefront of browser technology.

4. **User Trust and Loyalty:** The acquisition of DuckDuckGo, known for its commitment to user privacy, would instill greater trust in Firefox among users. This trust is pivotal in building long-term loyalty and encouraging users to choose Firefox as their preferred browser.

5. **Streamlined User Experience:** Integration of DuckDuckGo as the default search engine simplifies the user experience. Users can enjoy a seamless, privacy-focused browsing experience without the need for additional configurations, making Firefox an accessible choice for a broader audience.

6. **Positive Public Perception:** The move to acquire DuckDuckGo reinforces Firefox's dedication to user rights and privacy, earning positive public perception. This alignment with user values can lead to increased positive publicity and brand recognition.

7. **Market Differentiation:** In a competitive browser market, the acquisition of DuckDuckGo serves as a distinctive feature that sets Firefox apart. This differentiation can attract users who prioritize privacy, contributing to market share growth.

8. **Strategic Positioning for Future Trends:** As privacy concerns continue to shape the digital landscape, acquiring DuckDuckGo positions Firefox strategically for future trends. It anticipates the evolving needs of users and demonstrates Firefox's proactive approach to staying ahead in the rapidly changing tech environment.

9. **Collaborative Innovation Opportunities:** The collaboration between Firefox and DuckDuckGo creates opportunities for collaborative innovation. Teams from both entities can work together to explore and develop new technologies that enhance user privacy and browsing efficiency.

10. **Global User Base Expansion:** The integration of DuckDuckGo can attract users from around the globe who prioritize privacy, potentially expanding Firefox's user base and increasing its influence in various markets.

11. **Comprehensive Privacy Ecosystem:** The acquisition of DuckDuckGo allows Firefox to build a more comprehensive privacy ecosystem by combining browser and search engine technologies, offering users a holistic privacy solution.

12. **Unified User Interface:** Integration of DuckDuckGo into Firefox provides a unified and cohesive user interface, simplifying the overall user experience and making it more intuitive for users to navigate the browser and conduct private searches seamlessly.

13. **Enhanced Data Security:** Leveraging DuckDuckGo's privacy features contributes to enhanced data security within the Firefox browser, reassuring users that their sensitive information remains protected from unauthorized access or tracking.

14. **International Collaboration:** DuckDuckGo has a global user base. Acquiring the search engine facilitates international collaboration, allowing Firefox to cater to diverse user needs and preferences worldwide.

15. **Corporate Social Responsibility:** The acquisition aligns with corporate social responsibility by emphasizing user privacy and promoting ethical data practices, reinforcing Firefox's commitment to responsible business conduct.

16. **Open Source Synergies:** Both Firefox and DuckDuckGo have open-source roots. The acquisition creates synergies in open-source development, fostering a collaborative environment that benefits the broader tech community.

17. **User Empowerment:** Integrating DuckDuckGo empowers users by giving them more control over their online experience, aligning with the principles of user agency and autonomy that are increasingly valued in the digital age.

18. **Reduced Reliance on Competitor Search Engines:** Acquiring DuckDuckGo reduces Firefox's reliance on search engines from competitors, providing greater autonomy and reducing potential conflicts of interest in the long term.

19. **Cross-Platform Consistency:** Users accessing Firefox across various platforms, such as desktop and mobile, would experience consistent privacy features with DuckDuckGo integrated seamlessly, creating a unified experience across devices.

20. **Positive Impact on Mozilla Foundation:** The acquisition could have a positive impact on the Mozilla Foundation, enhancing its ability to pursue its mission of ensuring the internet remains a global public resource, open and accessible to all.

21. **Educational Opportunities:** The collaboration opens avenues for educational initiatives on privacy. Firefox, together with DuckDuckGo, can engage in educating users about online privacy practices and fostering a more informed user base.

22. **Enhanced Search Customization:** Integrating DuckDuckGo allows for more robust search customization within Firefox, catering to individual user preferences and search habits, ultimately improving the overall search experience.

23. **Privacy-Driven Partnerships:** The acquisition positions Firefox to establish further privacy-driven partnerships. Collaborating with other privacy-focused entities could create a network of organizations committed to protecting user data.

24. **Adaptive Search Algorithms:** Combining forces enables Firefox to benefit from DuckDuckGo's adaptive search algorithms, enhancing search result relevance without compromising user privacy.

25. **Community Collaboration:** Both Firefox and DuckDuckGo have active user communities. The acquisition facilitates collaboration between these communities, fostering knowledge exchange and creating a stronger and more engaged user base.

26. **Enhanced User Control:** Integrating DuckDuckGo provides users with more granular control over their search and browsing preferences, reinforcing Firefox's commitment to putting users in control of their online experience.

27. **Fostering Innovation in Privacy Tech:** The collaboration provides a platform for joint research and development initiatives, fostering innovation in privacy-focused technologies that could set industry benchmarks.

28. **Positive Public Relations Impact:** The acquisition could generate positive public relations impact, drawing attention to Firefox's proactive steps in addressing privacy concerns and contributing to a positive brand image.

29. **Extended Browser Lifespan:** By meeting evolving privacy expectations, the acquisition may contribute to extending the lifespan of the Firefox browser, ensuring its continued relevance in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

30. **User-Friendly Privacy Settings:** The integration of DuckDuckGo can lead to the development of more user-friendly privacy settings within Firefox, making it easier for users to customize their privacy preferences according to their individual needs.

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
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Strollin' around

I'd vouch for close collaboration with DuckDuckGo and other privacy related services. We need an ecosystem, rather then a concentration of services in one major player.

Making moves

Good potential here +1

Strollin' around

"the acquisition of DuckDuckGo and its subsequent integration as the default search engine within the Firefox browser"

@Teknevra, Though I partially agree to the suggestions you mentioned, I would not think it is a sustainable move for Firefox to set the default search provider to DuckDuckGo as Firefox needs to generate a good revenue to survive as a major player in the web browser industry. Firefox is getting a loads amount of money from Google (Read the below article I have mentioned) to make Google as the default search provider. I personally do not mind this as I need Firefox to be surviving in long term financially than making it has the DuckDuckGo as the default search provider. And If any user needs to change the search provider, they can already change the default search provider easily to DuckDuckGo. So I do not think DuckDuckGo should be the default search provider for Firefox as DuckDuckGo have no such revenue like Google to provide funds to Firefox long term and at least to match what Google pays now.

You can read the below article for more information on how Firefox earns money from Google search.

"The primary source of this capital is Google, which pays Mozilla to be the default search engine on the Firefox home page. Those payments, which started in 2005, have been increasing—up 50% over the past decade, to more than $450 million, even as the total number of Firefox users has plummeted. In 2021 these payments accounted for 83% of Mozilla’s revenue." - Source : Bloomberg

Making moves

I tried DuckDuckGo but Google or Bing still provided better search results.