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Making moves
Status: New idea

I volunteer on SUMO and regularly see complaints from those who WANT to donate but do not because of the unnecessary information that is required. People can buy and donate everywhere else and their name, their credit card information is sufficient, except for some political donations. Simplify this. Review the perceived need for the extra information, and then stop requiring it. A person's street address is never needed. Thank you.

Making moves

I just updated Thunderbird email client to the latest 102.5.1 version and as a result of the conclusion of the update, I was forwarded to a donation page. I tried to do the suggested 20 GBP donation but then it appeared a web page requesting too many personal details, such as name, address, email, etc.

As in current times it is more frequent to read news about major web sites being hacked and all personal data stolen, I would suggest that you refrain yourself from trying to get personal data, in the end you may collect more donations, as it would be in my case. I am sorry but I did not proceed with the donation.

Making moves

FWIW, every year I've tried to put in a donation.

This year, I am going to politely decline as the support channels in Thunderbird has been less than impressive. I have questions I have in the support forums that just sits there for months and months without even a view (1 view only) and no response.

Until Mozilla can get its act together to support Thunderbird properly, besides the issue with collection of personal data above from the OP, I am afraid they will see more like me who will eventually drop Thunderbird and move to other (properly) supported email clients.


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Making moves

It's 6 months later and I just had the same experience.  I went through the PayPal process, and when it returned to the Thunderbird page it asked me for more information "so we can contact you about your donation". 

I don't need you to do that, and I don't want you to either.  Since this was not optional - I had to fill in the address to continue, and a "123 NoMailPlease Street" address "could not be verified" I just backed out again.

Mozilla, you'll have my donation if you make it easier.

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Hi Thunderbird developers,

I glad to support your great work and effort by donate you a sum of money. However, the donation process require me to provide too much personal information, such as my name, email address and physical address, which is too much for me for a donation. Please simplify your donation process and let those personal data optional but not compulsory.

Hope you can hear my voice.

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I agree!  
The ONLY reason to want my physical address is to monetize it.

At least with e-mail I can use the spammers address. (An account I only look at when "I" need something.

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For me the same: willing to donate but not to share personal information.

What makes you ask for it?

How can I donate without fillingout my name, adress etc?

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I didn't even get to the point where beeing asked for informations.

  • Minimum monthly donation 5 Euro, whith no client for iOS available? Compare to other apps!
  • Is there no bank for you, that would donate the transaction costs? Let me make regular donations from my bank account with no extra fees.
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totally agree. i wanted to donate but refuse to give an address, not able to use non existant address either.
please allow us to donate anonymously, or maximum an email address.

Making moves

Went to donate today, but when it asked for my address, backed out. Although, after a while, I, grudgingly, went back, filled it out, and donated.

New member

You want me to donate?

I have no problems in doing this, and you can have my email address,

BUT under no circumstances am I giving you my home address.

I donate to Wiki and they don't want my home address.

You want my money ( and I doubt that I'm alone in this) then make the home address and option.


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I would like to donate to support Thunderbird but object to the amount of personal information harvesting.  Happy to give email and name but not full address, phone number etc.  Remove this requirement and I will donate.

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I have been asked two year on the run to give a donation and I would. On both occassions I started the process then abandoned it when you started asking for personal details. I give annonymously. So for two years you have missed out because you wanted my personal details.

Lets see if you can get it right for next year



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