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I have many tabpages in use, and they often use too much cpu-power. I know that often news-pages consume a lot of power, but not all - and it is not all the time.

When I look at the JobList I can see "Firefox" at the top level - and at the second level it is also "just" Firefox. Some of the sub-jobs use no cpu-power and a few uses too much - but I can't identify which job/tabpage/window is the guilty one.

When I look at my word-proces I can identyfy the subproces, as it shows the name of the document.

I need that the name of active tab-page in a window/process is shown in the JobList so I know exactly what to stop to reduce cpu-usage.

I have an example where all windows are closed down so the desktop is shown. To me this situation should mean that no desktop proces should be active/using cpu-power - only background processes. The cpu is wery busy. I open the joblist and can see that Firefox uses 78,6% of cpu-power. FirefoIx has 20 subjobs, no 1 uses 50,6%, no 2 27,6%, no 3 0,5% and the rest 0. If I want to reduce the amount of power Firefox is using I have only the possibility to either kill Firefox or close tabpages one by one until cpu consumption drops. But I am not sure that the problem is solved this way.

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