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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Thunderbird supports various messaging protocols like matrix, I would like to see signal and discord support in thunderbird. I use discord and signal daily, but I do not like having a seperate app for that. I also prefer the thunderbird interface to signal and discord.

Status changed to: New idea
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New member

Hey i know this isn't ideal due to potential privacy concerns / it requires the discord server admin approval but you can create your own bridge to discord chatrooms for thunderbird  -
Easy way -

You just need to create an account at and follow the instructions!

New member

Have you tried using something like

it's not ideal but you can get your chats in and out of thunderbird.

Just head to, create an account and follow the instructions.


Chris P

New member


Any news of a Signal add-on for thunderbird. It's more secure than whatsapp 😉

#Signal #thunderbird

New member

Very much want this feature! I use Signal extensively with work and would be a game changer if integrated into Thunderbird!

New member

Oh yes! Can we pleeease have Signal in Thunderbird? 🙏❤️

New member

This would be incredibly helpful for me!

Making moves

Signal integration for me.

Strollin' around

A WhatsApp integration would be great too, I have to use it for work and it would be nice if it was just idling in the background of Thunderbird instead of its own PWA or app.

New member

I use both Signal and Discord. This would be great for me, I would have 2 less apps to install, and everything can be accessed via Thunderbird. This is a great idea! I wouldn't have to do that bridge crap with matrix, a nice clean and great solution.