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Firefox browser uses its own permission dialog to allow user to selectively pick which screen/application to share (See screen shot from However, unlike other browser (Chrome) or other video calling app (Zoom), Firefox only list the window/application name in its selector as oppose to showing the preview of each application.     This make it very slow to pick which screen to share.  Note that preview is available after the candidate window is select.

Additionally, since it is permission dialog.  User can express an intent to "cancel" if he/she could find the target window to share.  The only possible option is to share something or "block" sharing permission on this website which would require an explicit removal of the block (or restart the browser) before attempting to share again.  This create an inconsistent video calling behavior experience when compare to other platforms

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100% agree, I use this feature regularly and it's currently the only downer for me when using Firefox. Other browser provide a better user-experience and makes it very easy so the user can right away find the window/tab he wants to share.