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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Firefox's browsing history function is very lackluster compared to other browsers. Firefox can't show every single time you visited a site, only the last time you did. Sometimes I want to revisit a page but also look back at pages I visited on a specific date, if I revisit the page then I can no longer see that page on the original date.

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you shouldn't use other browsers than mozilla thunderbird to keep your mind at ease.... lol 

Making moves

+1 yes please

Strollin' around


A typical use-case is when I go back in the history to find a specific page. If I click one to open it, then this page goes at the very top of the history, which messes around the whole timeline in the history... It makes it way more complicated to find a specific visited website.

Maybe a solution would be to offer a checking box while showing the history, to toggle between "show most recent visit only" and "show all visits".

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This would be so helpful, I was just about to submit this idea myself. Firefox's history feature is terrible.