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Status: New idea

It would be nice to have means to keep bookmark bar out of the way until it is needed. Currently Firefox does not support this. There are couple of ways to control bookmark bar visibility, but it can be made better.

Currently bookmark bar visibility can be controlled in two ways

  • Either shown always or never shown.  Toggle between these two options with Ctrl+Shift+B or from context menu.
  • Only show on new tab. And hide once a page is loaded. If Ctrl+Shift+B key shortcut is used, then this gets turned off.

These options can be selected by toolbar context menu.


I think there should rather be an option to specify if bookmark bar auto hide. Menu could be redesigned as following mockup.


  • Auto hide: Ctrl+Shift+B always toggle visibility of bookmark bar. If checked Bookmark bar auto hides once a bookmark is clicked or a URL is entered in address bar. If unchecked Bookmark bar stays visible or hidden.
  • Show on New Tab: Bookmark bar is shown on new tabs. If Auto hide  is checked or if Bookmark bar was in hidden state, it will auto hide. I think "Initially Show on New Tab" would be more appropriate name.
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