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Status: Delivered

Allow ctrl/cmd + shift + T to be able to restore not only the previously closed tab, but also previously closed session. Very often one can close the browser by mistake and then, when the user opens Firefox again, the same shortcut that is for restoring previous tabs will be very handy in this scenario.

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Ask before closing multiple tabs optionIn 'Settings' on the 'General' tab in the 'Tabs' section there is an option to confirm before closing multiple tabs. This might help closing by accident.

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Previously there was an option in History to"Restore Previous Session". What happened to it? Having that easy option is far preferable than the solution offered above. Please restore it in the next Update!

Strollin' around

I would definitely say that the option to "ask before closing multiple tabs" is inadequate, because in my case it will ask me that every time, incessantly, and I will no doubt become accustomed to clicking it away automatically and very quickly.

What we actually need is a way to restore the session once it is lost - because it will be lost.

Restoring the previous session, even while I have one open (e.g. I split a tab out, and accidently closed the main window with many tabs first) would save me several times per year (from a lot of work trying to track down sites again).

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As in edge, opening the browser and pressing the following keys (ctrl + shift + t) restores the whole previous session, I believe this is more efficient than clicking.

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This has been requested over 5 years ago:

All Chromium-based browsers and Safari works like this, so I think it's safe to say, that using the single Ctrl+Shift+T shortcut to reopen all and everything that has been closed (including tabs, windows and sessions) is standard browser behavior today.

Making moves

This is one of my highest priority issues with Firefox. It's the only browser I use that doesn't have this functionality yet.

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It has a function for this, but not a shortcut:

For instance when you shutdown the computer, but need to keep working later when restarting on a set of tabs, would be nice a shortcut for restoring the session.

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Like a lot of people, I've recently tried switching to FF from Chrome. Sadly I'm not using it as my default browser at the moment, as this is the ONLY thing that stops me.

It's not about accidental closing, for me it's about shutting down the PC, turning it back on the next day and knowing I can press Ctrl+Shift+T to get right back where I was with all my tabs restored. Yes, it has the ability to 'Open previous windows and tabs' on start up, so why not give the option to users to do it manually. Why is assigning a shortcut to this function such a mammoth task that I found this particular post by going through a 5 YEAR OLD THREAD.

It's a basic function of most browsers nowadays. Crazy...

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i have same problem
in chrome when you accidentally close browser , and reopen it you can press ctrl+shift+T all of your tabs came back white same order.

also there is an add-on

Tab Session Manager

has same functionality !


Hi all! This capability was added in Firefox 112 that went out about 4 weeks ago. See our release notes for 112 here, where it is mentioned:

Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager

This has been delivered—check out @mconley's post for more info.

Looking forward to continuing to collaborate with you all here on Mozilla Connect 🙌

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Is there a way to disable the new behavior? I normally have a few windows open, and do nearly fully separate tasks in them, and this mixing of tab re-opening has started to get really annoying for me

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I think we need a way to disable this new behavior, maybe in `about:config` please?

Whenever I need to reopen a tab from the window which I sure where I closed it, by pressing ctrl/cmd+shift+t, I always be showed by other unrelated windows.
And I have to switch back to the original window and press again, switch back and press, until the tab I need to reopen is there.

It was an excellent simple one-click shortcut, unlike other browser I could mention which only have a single shortcut for all reopening actions.
With this update, it just become annoying for me.

Strollin' around

Please allow the users to revert this behavior back to the old state in a toggle so OP can continue to use the behavior they are used to.

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I agree, please give users a way to revert this change so that Ctrl+Shift+T only opens recently-closed tabs, and leave Ctrl+Shift+N for windows.