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Is there a way Firefox can share tabs during Google meetings? I have to completely switch my browser and sign in to chrome for every meeting, but I prefer to use Firefox. Often I will start a meeting in firefox and have to sign out of it and log into chrome and log back into a meeting to share a tab. Is there a way around this? If not, could you work on that? Thanks so much!

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+100 to this @phillytiff ! There’s another post here that talks about Google Meet compatibility. Looks like some work is being done and I’m looking forward to any news about this.

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Share a tab in google meet

Please provide a feature to share just 1 tab in Firefox. i can do that in chrome but not in firefox. very unfortunate. please bring it in the next update. Thanks

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Making moves

First of All, Thank you Community.

Google Meet problems still remain.
There is no possibility of screen sharing with stereo sound.

Best Regards

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At my company, it's hard to convince people to switch to firefox because of lack of this very feature.

They say "nah, I need tab sharing"