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Status: New idea

Hello! I'd like to propose the ability to share/sync a password to another Firefox account, this could allow password sharing in families and in group projects. It would also be an exclusive feature to Firefox.

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New member

At work, we use a commercial password manager with such a feature: you can create groups of accounts, and passwords can either be personal or shared with a group.

At home, this is a "must have" too, as it would allow passwords shared between parents, one or all the kids, etc.

Currently, we need either to share the same firefox account and give the children access to all passwords, or manually sync passwords between individual firefox accounts, which is a pain - and a security breach as well as it involves communicating passwords, which is always a sensitive operation.

New member

Yeah, this is a must-have. Password sharing b/w two Mozilla could be a low-hanging fruit. And Mozilla can start with that. Eventually, we'll need the ability to share passwords to non-Mozilla users as well just like 1Password does it!

New member

I am looking for something to help my aging mother (early-to-moderate dementia). My siblings and I live across 3 states. We need a way to manage my mom's accounts in a more secure way, but for us all to have the most recent changes. I want to look at a way for 4 families to have access to one set of passwords.

New member

That would be a great feature for families and groups indeed, similarly I would love to be able to share a section of bookmarks with some other Mozilla accounts