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Making moves
Status: New idea

i am happy, when i can use websites and i have to fill out something, that certain websites can store the pre-entered info for me and i dont have to type all again.


for example:

i want to ship something.

when i click into the field for first name and last name, a small menu pops up with my name previously entered, so that i can choose it.

if i send regularly somethign to different people, the names of them are also stored in there.



now, in certain websites in like this function, in others, i dont.

there i want to have a clean page for every visit.


 i am friend of privacy.

so i prefer to not let my firefox account "know" too much.

so i do NOT use the password share function.

bookmarks is fine to me.

so my suggestion is the following:
let me choose the websites i want to share my login date etc over firefox

and even more important: let me transfer / share my autofill-info for certain websites to other devices.

i am thinking about a menu, right click- function

"add this website to my firefox share autofill file - all info incl login"

"add this website to my firefox share autofill file - autofill info - no login data / no paswd"




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