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When I start Firefox, I usually immediately start to type the web address I want to visit. Unfortunately the Search/address bar is not active at that moment, so when I push Enter, nothing happens, or even worst, some files from my desktop are opened.

For me it is annoying enough to place it here, as a possible improvement.

Thanks for developing Firefox. 🙂

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Sorry for Hi-jack.. I never actually applied this comment it disappeared after I logged in and then made my own Thread.
Search and Address bar should not be linked. When I type in Search box on FireFox Landing Page, the text should not be transferred to the Address bar and auto-fill or load a URL that I am Searching. Imagine searching some URL you found only for Firefox's Deception to load that URL you are unsure about and then get Viruses or load something bad. SEARCH BOX IS FOR SEARCHING, ADDRESS BOX IS FOR URL LINKS! SEPARATE THEM MOZILLA! FOR F*KS SAKE FIX THIS BS ALREADY!