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Status: New idea

Please, please, please give an option to set the width of the scroll bar in Firefox. It's so narrow that about 50% of the time when I try to drag it down, I end up dragging down the whole window. I'm sure it's nice for those who have their smartphone welded to their palm, but some of us still use PCs occasionally, and it's so annoying I usually just use the Page Down key, making the scroll bar pointless. I can't imagine anyone with less than great vision even trying to use Firefox because of this.

New member

Senior now having to wear glasses and the current Firefox scrollbar is too narrow and VERY difficult to use. There are no options to make it wider so I'm looking for another browser that offers a solution. I've been a faithful Firefox user for many years, how about some help with that feature??

New member

Please fix/update Firefox so that the scroll bars are more customizable or wider, more visible, and auto-hide (which I despise) is an option. You have made it terribly difficult for those of us who are visually-impaired to use your browser. It's become so difficult and aggravating for me, I'm considering the default use of another browser and that is the last thing I want to do. Firefox is the only browser I like, but the scroll bar issue has taken my productivity to the bottom of the sea. See? Please fix this!

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I agree as well, I'm sure it came from an update.  I hate the size of the new scroll bar, it's awful.  I hope they make it wider with the next update. 

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Along the far right edge of the screen is a thin bar that indicates where I am in an article as I read. With the most recent update of Firefox that thin bar is only visible while actually scrolling. This is super annoying. Please go back to having the "scroll indicator" visible at all times.

Making moves

Die Scroll-Bars sind schmal! Ändern Sie das schleunigst wieder auf die Windows-Standardbreite!!

(Google-Translation: The scroll bars are narrow! Change this back to the Windows standard width as soon as possible!!)

New member

Finding the thin scrollbar difficult to use and want a bigger one please Firefox in an update

New member

Please, please, please! The Firefox 91.9.1  sliding button at the right side of the screen shows ALMOST INVISIBLE on my screen. When I finally get to touch it with the mouse arrow, ONLY THEN that button becomes more visible, changing from a --very light almost invisible gray-- into a --dark gray-- tone. That is just silly, or maybe even stupid. I would like to always see easily where that button is on the sidebar. Please give us a sidebar sliding button that remains clearly visible ALL THE TIME.  Installing other themes does not solves this issue.

Firefox is great, I love it since 2.0, already made a small $ contribution. Thank you all.


Familiar face

Some new settings to customize scroll bars:

☑️Hide after (number) seconds

☑️ Remove scroll buttons (why not? Many never use them)

☑️ Change theme (by system default or customized)


☑️Reverse position (even independently each other, but anyway for no valid reason 🤣)

☑️Load on side closest to the cursor (for total lazy people 😒 😴 🤣, but maybe good to discard ☑️ Reverse position 🤣)

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Has there been a solution to this issue?

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Please change this and make Mozilla great again! I hate to leave but can't see scrolling enough and too frustrating